Fitness Class Description


Class Descriptions

Cardio Classic: Specific cardio, strength, and toning exercises allowing focus on core strength and functional training.

Cardio Blast: An ever mix of interval cardio core challenges to meet the needs of all fitness levels

Interval Cardio: For all levels. A cardio and strength mixture with surprise interval combinations guaranteeing fun and variety.

 Kickoff Cycling :A unique 1 hour cycle class for all levels.  Instructor does more hands on teaching than regular cycle classes.($10 charge for members)

Gentle Yoga: A basic and gentle class using the therapeutic alignment of yoga to stretch, strengthen and balance. Learn simple and essential tools to experience ease and freedom in your body everyday. Maintain and increase your vital life force and calm your mind with breathing techniques that have been proven to work.

Yoga For Everybody: Deeply stretch and tone all muscle fascia with a comprehensive series of relaxing evening yoga poses.

Beyond Pilates: A total body conditioning class that will increase body awareness and knowledge to promote physical well being.

The SPSY Method: Combines modalities of strength,  Pilates, stretching and yoga in a dynamic workout  promoting longer leaner muscles, core strength, flexibility and balance. Movements can always be modified. (Featured in photo.)

Total Body: Cardio fitness followed by muscle conditioning.

Zumba: A fusion of Latin and international dance moves that create a dynamic and exciting cardio workout.

Cycling: A fantastic cardio class based on outdoor riding. Build strength, endurance and increase cardio vascular fitness while burning calories. Our Kaiser bikes are AMAZING!! *45 minutes or one hour, depending on instructor*

Pilates/Strength: A dynamic training method that increases core strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

The Pilates Experience: A full body workout. This class will augment the pilates workout with the use of small equipment we will activate the small muscle groups that tend to be weak & neglected

Da Core N More: High intense cardio core and strength training, with intense cardio kickboxing.

Hip Hop Strength: a build core and total body strength while jamming out to Hip Hop tunes

5&5: Pyramid progressive strength and core exercises. 5 reps ascending and descending with 5 second isometric holds.


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